Cassandra Rae-Lynn
Fine Artist


(posted on 3 Apr 2021)

Hi everyone- welcome to my first newsletter! So happy to have you here with me. 


My first collection entitled “Still Grounds” acts as a diary of my meditative practices. Acts of self healing, and realizations that the stillness in life is already present if properly recognized and accepted. The oceans grounding properties have played a large importance for me in the last year. When I feel that fear has encapsulated my every capillary, I look for the stillness in the distance— and my reflection within it.

I’ve always been drawn to the ocean. Some of my fondest childhood memories are rooted in the trees along the coast; memories I cherish deeply, carrying with me always as a reminder of safety and wholesomeness. My journey began by the ocean- and as my life has presented in various waves itself, I feel grounded near the water. I treat it as a source of beginnings-innocence-clarity —-and most notably, wisdom—- Its reflective properties revealing our glimmering cores, often overlooked. There are many reasons why I was drawn to living on the island, and I am thankful everyday to have ended up exactly where I am. And goodness, what a captivating subject to paint. 

Over the next few weeks, I will be adding a few more pieces to this collection. I have prepped a few canvases that will soon be cushioned in soft blues. I can’t wait to share them with you all. I am also working on a smaller canvas series of flowers and ocean scapes on the island- I have that collection so far entitled “Small Works” on my website, but will soon be giving it a proper name once more is added. I have recently added this piece to the small works collection, it is of Kalamalka Lake in the Okanagan. 

If any of you have a specific place you’d like painted, or if you have some other requests in mind, I would be delighted to take on commissions at this time. Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions about special works. This is a recent commission I did of Cattle Point! 

I’m sending you all a sense of stillness this month. Warm weather is coming, we deserve it! 


All the best,